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Links provided where results are available as of 1/2/19 - so if you click and nothing happens it's because we don't yet have results to link.

Wade House 1-12-17

Black Prong Introductory Trail Pace 2   3-25-17
Tejas  5-6-17
Carriage Classic in the Pines 
TCA Carriage Classi 
The Southern Drive at the Grand Oaks (An ADS Southeast Region Recreational Drive) 
Spring Driving CT & ADT 
Skunk River HDT    6-24-17
Becancour CDE  7-22-17
GMHA CT, CDE   8-25-17
Windridge Farms DT & CT 9-16-17
Celtic Cross HDT / SNECDA Pleasure Show 
Indiana CT Challenge 
Timberland CT and HDT 9-28-18
California Fall Classic 
Pine Tree CT & CDE    10-20-17
Katydid CDE     11-1-17
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