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Links provided where results are available as of 1/2/19 - so if you click and nothing happens it's because we don't yet have results to link.

Sweetheart ADT   2-13-16
Live Oak International   2-24-16
Arizona CDE   3-11-16
Morven Park ADT  3-13-16
Southern Drive at the Grand Oaks    5-13-16
Elk Creek CDE     6-4-16
Orelton Farm Pleasure Driving Show CT and Super Derby  6-9-16
Skunk River DT & CT   6-25-16
CAA Carriage Festival   6-1-16
Notara Farm DT     7-2-16
Vermont Morgan Heritage Days Open Pleasure Show and Continuous Driving Event    7-3-16
The CDE at Inavale    7-15-16
CAN AM Challenge  7-23-16
Silver Whip Acres Driving Trial    8-13-16
Sargent CDE    8-25-16
Indiana CDE & CT   8-26-16
Summer Carriage Classic   8-27-16
GMHA Fall Driving Event     9-9-16
Timberland HDT   9-30-16
Saratoga Driving Trial & Combined Test    10-1-16
Kentucky Classic CDE    10-6-16
Northeast Regional Drive    10-7-16
Chapter One Farms Fall Frolic   10-8-16
Hermitage Classic CDE    10-21-16
Pine Tree CDE     10-21-16
MARD   10-27-16
Katydid CDE   11-3-16
Canterbury Classic Holiday Pleasure Driving Show and CT  12-10-16
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