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Calendar for 2023

Golden Driving CT 1-21-23 SC
Black Prong Driving Derby Series FL
Grand Oaks Classic CT and Derby 2-3-23 FL
Black Prong Dressage Festival 2-10-23 FL
Black Prong Classic Under the Oaks 3-4-23 FL
Black Prong CDE & CT 3-23-23 FL
Black Prong Invitational Finals 3-29-23 FL
Golden Driving CT 4 4-1-23 SC
Southern Pines CDE & CT 4-7-23 NC
Aiken Carriage Classic 4-14-23 SC
Carriage Classic in the Pines 5-5-23 NC
Elk Creek HDT & CT 6-2-23 MD
MHDVA Blue Ribbon Driving Show 6-3-23 MI
Midwest Carriage Festival  6-16-23 WI
Lorenzo Driving Competition 7-14-23 NY
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